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Dating Politics: Campaign Strategies for Singles

Dating Politics: Campaign Strategies for Singles

(ContentDesk) August 19, 2004 — With the election just around the corner, singles can use campaign strategies to increase their odds of finding a match. How are politics and dating crossing paths? Let Liz H. Kelly, dating coach and author of SMART Man Hunting, share fun and timely dating advice tips for this political season. 1. Mixing Politics and Internet Dating 2.

Present your Marketing Spin Online3. Make Great First Date Impressions 1. Mixing Politics and Internet DatingEveryone knows dating and politics are numbers games and that the internet provides the best solution for boosting your numbers, ego and odds. But did you know that there are new internet dating sites now based on your political party and opinions? Extremes may Push Political Dating Agendas – If politics is your life, your best dating strategy may be to sign up for a political dating site and attend their networking events. If you have strong political passions, volunteering for a cause can result in romance.

But are these new dating sites encouraging the political divide and reducing the odds for singles by 50% on the net? Isn’t there more to relationships than politics?Dating Mixed with Politics reduces odds by 50% – Dating based on politics reduces the odds of finding a match by 50% with a divided country. And what about the independents who would not even consider a political dating site? If you go to or, the membership is also limited to only a few thousand singles versus a much wider pool of 8 million singles on It’s Ok to Agree to Disagree – As long as a couple can agree to disagree, love can prevail over the political divides. Take a look at James Carville and Mary Matalin or Arnold and Maria they make it work you can do it too. Don’t you want to have a partner who can share debates with you? Debates can add spice to your relationship.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to ask someone, “What did you think about Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 movie?” and share different opinions?2. Present your Marketing Spin OnlineDaters can position themselves for success online with these campaign tactics. Add a unique marketing spin to your internet dating profile to attract the dates that you desire. How can you stand out amongst 50 million internet daters? Profile Marketing Makeovers – Every campaign has marketing messages. Singles can succeed by defining their top 3 key attributes to include in a dating profile.

Instead of listing 20 favorite things, focus on your top 3 and share specifics and stories to invite conversations. Do you like to bike along 17-mile drive in Monterey, CA, or kick back and watch the Los Angeles Lakers? Put Your Best Image Online – Do you think Kerry or Bush would use a family snapshot as an official campaign photo? Consider taking a ton of pictures to get a great shot or hire a professional photographer from to put your best face online. “Liz, I am happy to report that I was receiving 1-2 responses per day and since implementing the profile changes you recommended, the responses have increased to 6-8 per day! It is not the quantity that has impressed me the most, but the quality of the profiles. I am truly amazed and grateful for your helpful suggestions. ” – Thank you!!!!!, Cecelia 3.

Make Great First Date Impressions KISS Strategy – Make great first impressions using a KISS Strategy so you get more second dates. First dates are about making chemistry connections so your best campaign strategy is to relax and focus on the key question, “Would I ever want to KISS this person?” Use KISS (Keep-it-Simple-Stupid) questions on first dates to build rapport versus drilling a potential mate about their past. The first date is a marketing meeting, not a time to tell your whole life story. Approach first dates as if you were on the campaign trail, interviewing for a new job interview or meeting a client for dinner. Talk about hobbies and your favorite ice cream to create a fun conversation versus reciting your resume.Dress for Success Tips Dress for a first date in your favorite business casual outfit.

The old baggy jeans and party dress are too extreme. Take a look at what the politicians are wearing to the barbeque in Iowa. And no matter what you wear on the outside, don’t forget to bring your confidence sex appeal. Guys say that women who carry themselves well are 10 times more attractive. Women say that they check out a man’s footwear first so guys should have at least 1 pair of shiny shoes.Body Language Tactics Did you know that 80% of communication is non-verbal? Why do you think the politicians spend big bucks on media coaches to tell them how to use their facial expressions and hands to accent their messages.

For first dates, lean forward, smile and use direct eye contact if you are interested. For singles, playing dating politics can have a huge impact on whether you attract the dates that you desire. Decide how much you want to mix politics with dating, create your unique marketing spin online, and then make great first impressions with a KISS Strategy.AUTHOR BIO: Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach, Author of SMART Man Hunting and corporate photographer. Her book and work have been featured on shows such as FOX News, Dick Clark’s “The Other Half,” Lifetime’s “Speaking of Women’s Health,” BBC Radio and in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, MSN Dating & Personals,, Yahoo! Personals and The Chicago Tribune.Availability: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone; available as a last-minute guestContact: Liz Kelly, (CA) cell:(310) 463-4130, voicemail:(310) 795-1485; e-mail e-mail protected from spam bots; Web site http://www.smartmanhunting.comProducers: Producers, call Liz nowThere are only 75 days until the election in November.

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