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Romantic Safety NET: How to Look for Love Online

Romantic Safety NET: How to Look for Love Online

(ContentDesk) April 22, 2004 — With 50 million singles in the US jumping online to find their soul mate, let Liz H. Kelly, Dating Coach and Author of SMART Man Hunting, share advice tips for how to be smart, safe and romantic when looking for love online. (As featured in a USA TODAY cover story this week – Liz’s 5 internet dating safety tips and Dating Coaching client, Bill Logue, who had a Photo Makeover, were in the story called, “Truth in Advertising hits Internet Dating” on 04/20/04).Let Liz help daters find love online with advice tips for how to1. Make Great First Online Impressions2. Put Your Best Face Online3.

Use a KISS Strategy for First Dates4. How to Identify “The One”5. Leave Room for RomanceWhy Liz? – Based on interviews with hundreds of active internet daters for her dating book, SMART Man Hunting, Liz developed these Romantic Safety Net guidelines to help singles be successful online. In addition to these interviews, she personally tested 7 online dating sites, ended up with 4-7 dates/week and found her guy through an online matchmaker. 1.

Make Great First Online Impresssions – Make great first impressions online using Liz’s Profile Makeover Tips – and at the same time protect your privacy with an anonymous username and email. Liz coaches singles across the US with advice tips for what to say, how to say it, and how to present a positive, romantic and desirable impression. Share 3 success keys and 10 Email Enticers for how to flirt online and attract desired dates faster. 2. Put Your Best Face Online – Singles can spark chemistry online with Liz’s online profile Photo Tips.

Do you want to know how many photos to post, what types of photos, and what to do if you’re afraid someone at the office might see you? In order to help singles attract their top picks and minimize first date surprises, Liz is helping singles as a Dating Coach for Find out how this service connects daters with professional photographers around the US to help daters put their best face online. Liz’s Dating Coaching client, Bill, posted his new photos on Friendster and started receiving a flood of compliments and responses to his profile. 3. Use a KISS Strategy for First Dates – While you want to play it safe both online and off when connecting with virtual strangers, you need to leave room for romance.

Use a KISS strategy for first dates and save the details for when you start getting more serious. You want to meet in a public place and relax because the first date is about creating desire not a background check. All you want to think about is, Would I EVER (key word) want to KISS this person? And before you take a closer look, trust your gut. What does your GUT tell you to do?4. How to Identify “The One”? – Once you receive a flood of emails and invitations from Bachelors or Bachelorettes, Liz can help you decide who should move to the next round of dates.

You can use a 3-step dating assessment dance to identify your Perfect Match. 5. Leave Room for Romance – When searching for love online, you need to balance romance, looks and safety so you can enjoy the ride without the risks. Let Liz share how Internet dating can be the greatest way for daters to boost their ego, numbers and odds of finding a perfect match with a Romantic Safety NET. More Romantic Safety NET dating tips:- Make great first impressions and attract your own Pool of Bachelors or Bachelorettes online – How to attract 4-7 dates per week and be selective by playing the dating numbers game.-How to Flirt Online 3 Success Keys and 10 Email Enticers as featured in Smart Woman magazine (April 2004)-How to use a KISS strategy for first dates so that you leave room for romance versus a conducting a security check.-5 Internet Dating Safety Tips “Conquer the Love Cyclone” – As featured in USA TODAY cover story -LIFE section box (4/20/04)- 1.

Be anonymous online, 2. Study the photos, 3. Consider background checks, 4. Have phone smarts, and 5. Be aware during the hookup- Spark Chemistry Online with Profile Photo Tips – How many photos to post, what types of photos, and what to do if you are afraid someone at the office might see you.

– How to – How to have a professional provide a Photo Makeover and add a date stamp to your photos so online daters know it is the real you (Liz’s client, Bill, was in this USA TODAY cover story 4/20/04)- Get SMARTer Online Profile Makeover tips and goal-setting ideas for creating a dating plan-The ABC Codebook – How to identify your mate using 26 codes for the main personality types From the All Sports Fanatic, Keeper-of-the-Fire, Nourishing Nester and then how to avoid the Married But Available.BIO: Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach and Author of SMART Man Hunting. Her proactive dating strategy has been featured on such shows as Dick Clark’s The Other Half and Lifetime’s Speaking of Women’s Health, along with BBC Radio. Her dating tips have also been in USA TODAY, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and the Chicago Tribune. She writes an Ask Liz column for’s 2 million internet dating members and is a Contributing Writer to John Gray Phd’s

Availability: CA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone; available as a last-minute guestContact: Liz Kelly, (CA) cell:(310) 463-4130, voicemail:(310) 795-1485; e-mail e-mail protected from spam bots; Web site http://www.smartmanhunting.comProducers: Call Liz now…Her dating tips are now featured in USA TODAY, Complete Woman, and Smart Woma.

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Alternatives to Violence : Empowering Youth To Develop Healthy Relationships
by: David A. Wolfe, Christine Wekerle, Katreena L., Ph.D. Scott
publisher: SAGE Publications, released: 05 December, 1996
price: $46.95 (new), $8.00 (used)
Jewish Alternatives in Love, Dating and Marriage
by: Pinchas Stolper
publisher: Univ Pr of Amer, released: November, 1985
price: $6.50 (used)
Lesbian and Gay Book of Love and Marriage
by: Paula Martinac
publisher: Broadway, released: 18 May, 1998
price: $0.41 (used)