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17 Dating Experts Join to Create the Ultimate Single Man’s Guide to Love, Romance, Dating and Relationships

17 Dating Experts Join to Create the Ultimate Single Man’s Guide to Love, Romance, Dating and Relationships

17 authors of best-selling dating e-books joined their effort and created the ultimate love, romance and dating guide for men: “28 Surefire Ways to Instant Dating Success”, tips and secrets to attracting and meeting women through Internet personals and in real life. The new e-book was launched last week and it is tipped to become one of the most popular, controversial and explosive dating and attraction guides ever released.How did it happen that top Internet dating experts joined their effort as a team?A few months ago each of them received an email with a challenge: “Hi (author’s name)You suddenly find yourself weighing in at over 200 pounds, looking every inch of a nerdy geek with the thick glasses/pimples and everything, you are short — 5ft 4” to be exact, had never dated a single girl in your lifetime, you are EXTREMELY shy… AND to top it all off, you’re left with barely a 100 bucks in your pocket!Other than your vast dating knowledge, you’re nothing but a complete ‘reject’ when it comes to dating women! Now, what would be your 28 most surefire, (killer) techniques you can quickly and easily use to land ANY one of the most gorgeous women around to quickly redeem your pride and prove yourself?”All authors of best-selling dating e-books that are available on the Internet were approached and some were crazy enough to accept the tough challenge. Their pride and their reputation were at stake!Each of the dating gurus’ either produced a chapter in the form of 28 tips or delivered a special report how to meet, date and attract women. Only the best reports were selected for publication; if the information produced by the author was of low quality, it would end up in trash.Now, instead of choosing between hundreds of online dating manuals, single guys can pick on the brains of 17 top dating experts at once and quickly learn how to meet and attract women, no matter how do they score in the departments of looks and money.Elena Petrova, one of the contributing authors, said about the book: “The dating industry was taken over If your love life does not show any improvement with *this* knowledge, nothing else will be able to help you!”The new book is expected to be extremely popular this Christmas season not only for self-reading but also as a gift to single friends or family members.The book “28 Surefire Ways to Instant Dating Success” is available for instant download.Elena Petrova is the author of the best-selling e-book “How To Find And Marry A Girl like Me” ( and the owner of websites Elena’s Models ( and Russian Brides Cyber Guide (

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Is It a Date or Just Coffee? : The Gay Girl’s Guide to Dating, Sex, and Romance
by: Mo Brownsey
publisher: Alyson Books, released: 15 August, 2002
price: $10.74 (new), $8.97 (used)
The Mandates: 25 Real Rules For Successful Gay Dating
by: Dave Singleton
publisher: Three Rivers Press, released: 06 January, 2004
price: $9.97 (new), $4.45 (used)
Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real
by: Gay Hendricks, Susan M. Campbell
publisher: H.J. Kramer Book/New World Library, released: December, 2003
price: $9.72 (new), $4.95 (used)
Boyfriend 101 : A Gay Guy’s Guide to Dating, Romance, and Finding True Love
by: Jim Sullivan
publisher: Villard, released: 13 May, 2003
price: $10.36 (new), $5.49 (used)
The Hookup Artist
by: Tucker Shaw
publisher: HarperCollins, released: 24 January, 2006
price: $10.39 (new), $5.65 (used)
Love in the Time of HIV: The Gay Man’s Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships
by: Michael Mancilla, Lisa Troshinsky
publisher: The Guilford Press, released: July, 2003
price: $11.02 (new), $3.28 (used)
A Really Nice Prom Mess
by: Brian Sloan
publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, released: 17 May, 2005
price: $9.72 (new), $4.86 (used)
Dating the Greek Gods : Empowering Spiritual Messages on Sex and Love, Creativity and Wisdom
by: Brad Gooch
publisher: Simon & Schuster, released: 06 June, 2003
price: $21.00 (new), $0.01 (used)
Understanding Sexual Identity: A Book for Gay and Lesbian Teens and Their Friends
by: Janice E. Rench
publisher: Lerner Publishing Group, released: January, 1992
price: $3.64 (used)
Affirmative Gay Relationships: Key Steps in Finding a Life Partner
by: Neil Kaminsky
publisher: Harrington Park Press, released: May, 2003
price: $12.97 (new), $8.00 (used)