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September 19th Kicks Off National Singles Week 96% of Single Men Love When Women Approach Them, However 51% of Single Women Never Approach a Man

September 19th Kicks Off National Singles Week 96% of Single Men Love When Women Approach Them, However 51% of Single Women Never Approach a Man

San Diego, CA (September 8, 2005) In celebration of National Singles Week, September 19th-25th 2005, It’s Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals with over 85 locations worldwide, surveyed 2,789 singles and found that 96 percent of single men love when women approach, however 51 percent of women never approach a man in public and only 19 percent of women will approach a man at a social event. 39 percent of singles claim the last place they met another single they dated was through a dating service or at a bar. All singles unanimously agree, you have to get out there if you are going to meet other singles and truly believe, “You won’t meet someone sitting at home on a Friday night.” Singles overwhelmingly agreeif you are going on a blind date, 77 percent of singles believe their friends know them better than anyone else and trust them the most when it comes to being set up on a blind date. On the contrary, there is only a 17 percent chance that they will like the date set up by their friend. Apparently Mom and Dad don’t know their children too well, or at least their children don’t think they know them well enough to entrust them with their dating life.

Only 2 percent of singles trust their parents to set them up on a blind date. Even their “Ex” is more trustworthy when it comes to being set up12 percent of single men would trust their ex-girlfriend to set them up on a blind date. When going to a singles event, 59 percent of single women prefer to go with another single friend. Men on the other hand don’t want any competition. Over 1/3 of single men would prefer to go to a singles event solo.

What happens if you go on a date and don’t think the person is for you? 39 percent of single men say “end the date and that’s that.” Women are willing to give it a second chance. 45 percent of single women would give their date a second chance and see if chemistry develops. But the sexes do agree on one thing: 26 percent of singles will try and think of another single friend their date would find interesting if there is no chemistry between the two of them.Best and Worse Places to Meet Other Singles* 7 percent of single women and 15 percent of single men have met someone on an airplane that they have dated * 46 percent of singles believe attending continuing education classes is a great way to meet other singles * Only 10 percent of single men would contemplate taking a ballroom dance class to meet single women (Matt Leinart, the USC Quarterback is taking his chances and enrolled in a ballroom dance class) * 77 percent of singles think personal ads are pass * 39 percent of single women enjoy attending singles events to meet single men * 93 percent of single men think the library and the gym are equally poor venues to meet singles About It’s Just Lunch:Since It’s Just Lunch was founded in 1991, the company has arranged millions of fun, first date lunches or drinks after workan atmosphere where singles can feel comfortable with the process of meeting a new person. With over 85 locations worldwide, each day IJL arranges hundreds of fun, first dates over lunch or drinks after work at over 1,100 restaurants. With many introductions leading to second dates, It’s Just Lunch is the world’s leading first date authority.

The U.S. dating industry is estimated at nearly $1.5 billion, and growing at 25 percent annually, with 110 million single adults in the United States alone.For additional information, log on to

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