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Singles Dating Coach Establishes “Healthy Dating Week”

Singles Dating Coach Establishes “Healthy Dating Week”

Psychotherapist and relationship coach, Toni Coleman (www.consum-mate.com), has founded “Healthy Dating Week” to raise a greater awareness among singles that making careful and conscious choices in their dating life leads to successful and satisfying long term relationships. “Healthy Dating Week” will be celebrated annually during the second week of April, and will mark its first observance this year from April 10th through April 16th, 2005. “Singles today need to be very aware of the dangers and consequences they face when they make uninformed, impulsive or risky decisions regarding the who, what, when, where and why of dating, says Coleman.” She emphasizes that, “Everything from personal safety to a repeated pattern of dating and relationship failure is at stake.” In order to effectively highlight the most important issues, Toni has come up with 7 specific areas singles should address. They are as follows: Assess your readiness for responsible dating and address problem areas before getting involved with someone. Take an inventory of your relationship history and identify and work on any problem patterns that may exist. Know what you want from dating and/or a relationship and learn to communicate this openly and appropriately with others. Know your acceptable boundaries regarding others’ behavior towards you, and stick to these. Use caution and common sense when agreeing to and making plans for a first date or with anyone you do not know fairly well. Have a plan for how you will handle the subject of physical intimacy with someone you are dating and don’t jeopardize your emotional or physical health and/or place your reproductive well being at risk. Learn to recognize warning signs in a relationship and don’t try to ignore or explain these away.”The vast majority of problems that singles bring to me are related to one of the issues that Healthy Dating Week will address,” said Coleman, who specializes in working with singles seeking healthy, lasting relationships.Toni Coleman is available for television, radio and print interviews.

For further information or to schedule an interview with Toni Coleman, contact her directly at 703-847-1768.

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I Gave Dating a Chance : A Biblical Perspective to Balance the Extremes
by: Jeramy Clark
publisher: WaterBrook Press, released: 15 February, 2000
price: $9.99 (new), $0.69 (used)
Extreme Elvin
by: Chris Lynch
publisher: HarperTrophy, released: 09 January, 2001
price: $6.99 (new), $0.01 (used)
Graphic studies in climatology;: III, A graphic interpolation device for dating the extremes of the annual temperature cycle, (University of California, … of California publications in geography)
by: John Leighly
publisher: University of California press, released: 1934