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Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship
by: Sherry Argov
publisher: Adams Media Corporation, released: October, 2002
price: $9.72 (new), $8.39 (used)
Guide to Getting It On!: Includes Dating, Kissing, Love, Sex, Romance, Marriage, Oral Sex, Fellatio, Cunnillingus, Intercourse, Orgasms, Masturbation, Cybersex, the Prostate,
by: Paul Joannides, Daerick Gross
publisher: Goofy Foot Press, released: May, 2004
price: $12.97 (new), $8.80 (used)
Dating for Dummies
by: Joy Browne
publisher: For Dummies, released: 18 December, 1997
price: $4.20 (used)
I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating
by: Evan Marc Katz
publisher: Ten Speed Press, released: March, 2004
price: $10.17 (new), $8.00 (used)
A Smart Girls Guide to Boys: Surviving Crushes, Staying True to Yourself & Other Stuff (American Girl Library (Paperback))
by: Nancy Holyoke, Bonnie Timmons
publisher: American Girl, released: August, 2001
price: $9.95 (new), $2.92 (used)
Breathing Underwater
by: Alex Flinn
publisher: HarperTempest, released: 01 October, 2002
price: $7.99 (new), $3.45 (used)
The Shy Single : A Bold Guide to Dating for the Less-than-Bold Dater
by: Bonnie Jacobson, Sandra J. Gordon
publisher: Rodale Books, released: 12 June, 2004
price: $9.72 (new), $7.75 (used)
The RoMANtic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love
by: Michael Webb
publisher: Hyperion, released: 14 February, 2000
price: $9.97 (new), $3.04 (used)
A Date with the Other Side
by: Erin McCarthy
publisher: Berkley Trade, released: 03 May, 2005
price: $10.01 (new), $3.49 (used)
The Teenage Guy’s Survival Guide : The Real Deal on Girls, Growing Up and Other Guy Stuff
by: Jeremy Daldry
publisher: Megan Tingley, released: 01 May, 1999
price: $9.99 (new), $4.24 (used)