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Matchmakers & Dating Services: How To Find The Best

Matchmakers & Dating Services: How To Find The Best

Tampa, FL (ContentDesk via ContentDesk Direct) August 9, 2005 — Marketdata Enterprises, the independent market research publisher of service industry studies since 1979, has just released a new 57-page publication entitled: Matchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide (July 2005), http://www.mkt-data-ent.com/studies.html. “Matchmaking is hot, representing a $1 billion business. But, how do singles obtain an objective assessment of the best kind of dating service for their needs and budget? How can consumers protect themselves and find a reputable dating service? This new guide was created to take some of the mystery out of it for consumers. It’s a must read for singles thinking of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dating service or personal matchmaker,” according to John LaRosa, Research Director.In-depth company profiles are included in the Guide for the top nine U.S. matchmakers, plus chains such as: Great Expectations, Together, The Right One, It’s Just Lunch, HurryDate, 8minuteDating, Pre-Dating (Cupid.com), and Profile Doctor, Look Better Online, the top 15 dating websites, trade associations and more.

Much of this information is based on Marketdata’s proprietary research and phone interviews, with “inside” information not found on the Internet.Matchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide covers the following topics: * Your Odds of Success* Types of Dating Services* Online Dating Dating websites & profile enhancement services* Social Networking Services* The Major Retail Chains & Franchises with Offices* Speed Dating* Independent Matchmakers* Radio Station Datelines* Print Personal Ads * Singles Publications & Singles Events”In many ways, dating services is a wild west environment, where ‘let the buyer beware’ is very much the rule. The number of services, both on the Internet and companies with physical offices, has exploded since 2001. Each type of dating service has its own positives and negatives. Prices for services vary tremendouslyfrom $20 per month to $50,000+. Consequently, it’s more important than ever for dating singles to know what they are getting into before signing contracts,” according to John LaRosa, Research Director.Some Major Findings:* The Better Business Bureau reports that in most complaints received about dating services, the consumer is at fault because they did not thoroughly read the contract.* A number of dating services have been sued by state Attorney General’s offices or by consumers.

Do you know which ones?* Research shows that members of minority groups, unattractive or overweight people, those with rigid religious beliefs, singles with more than two children living with them, and chain smokers will have limited success.* Singles have an equal chance of finding their soul mate no matter what kind of dating service they use. A higher-priced service is no guarantee of better results, although many will claim that their match rate is superior.* Off-line chains such as Together or Great Expectations typically charge $3,000-4,000. Independent matchmakers (which are growing in number in the U.S.) charge anywhere from $500 to $100,000 for their services. The top ones usually cost $10,000+.* Virtually anyone can call themselves a matchmakerno license or certification is required. They are also hard to find, since most do not advertise.

Word-of-mouth referral is used instead.* Matchmakers today may offer many other services to make you more marketable: image makeovers, personal training and weight loss, wardrobe assessment, hair/skin care consulting, professional photos, written profile editing, etc.About the GuideMatchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide (July 2005) may be ordered directly from Marketdata, by phone, email, or via its secure e-commerce store at its website. It is available in print or digital form by email. The price is $250, and major credit cards are accepted.About Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. is an independent analyst of a variety of niche service businesses since 1979.

It has tracked Dating Services since 1998, and has also published a biennial and more comprehensive study entitled: The U.S. Dating Services Market (3rd edition, April 2004, 173 pages). Marketdata’s dating industry market research is regularly quoted by all major media.For more information, visit http://www.mkt-data-ent.com/studies.htmlContact Information:John LaRosa, Research DirectorMarketdata Enterprises Inc.813-931-3900www.marketdataenterprises.com.

Books about: Lesbian Dating

Is It a Date or Just Coffee? : The Gay Girl’s Guide to Dating, Sex, and Romance
by: Mo Brownsey
publisher: Alyson Books, released: 15 August, 2002
price: $10.74 (new), $8.97 (used)
Boyfriend 101 : A Gay Guy’s Guide to Dating, Romance, and Finding True Love
by: Jim Sullivan
publisher: Villard, released: 13 May, 2003
price: $10.36 (new), $5.49 (used)
Love in the Time of HIV: The Gay Man’s Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships
by: Michael Mancilla, Lisa Troshinsky
publisher: The Guilford Press, released: July, 2003
price: $11.02 (new), $3.28 (used)
Understanding Sexual Identity: A Book for Gay and Lesbian Teens and Their Friends
by: Janice E. Rench
publisher: Lerner Publishing Group, released: January, 1992
price: $3.64 (used)
Sugar Rush
by: Julie Burchill
publisher: HarperTempest, released: 24 May, 2005
price: $11.55 (new), $8.25 (used)
Dyke Drama: Your Guide to Getting Out Alive
by: Leslie Lange
publisher: Alyson Books, released: 15 December, 2004
price: $10.17 (new), $6.49 (used)
The Bermudez Triangle
by: Maureen Johnson
publisher: Razorbill, released: 06 October, 2005
price: $7.99 (new), $2.00 (used)
Getting It on Online: Cyberspace, Gay Male Sexuality, and Embodied Identity (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies)
by: John Edward Campbell
publisher: Harrington Park Press, released: March, 2004
price: $12.97 (new), $10.99 (used)
Finding True Love in a Man-Eat-Man World : The Intelligent Guide to Gay Dating, Sex. Romance, and Eternal Love
by: Craig Nelson
publisher: Dell, released: 01 January, 1996
price: $9.72 (new), $0.24 (used)
Finding a Lover for Life: A Gay Man’s Guide to Finding a Lasting Relationship (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies)
by: David Price
publisher: Haworth Press, released: November, 2001
price: $10.17 (new), $7.25 (used)