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Poll Shows 49% of Respondents Would Relocate for Love

Poll Shows 49% of Respondents Would Relocate for Love

“Would you relocate for love?” was asked to the visitors of, an advice and dating portal website. “Surprisingly almost 50% of the people that answered this ‘Quick Poll’ told us that they would move to be closer to one they love”, reported Robert Lee, owner of”This Quick Poll featured one of the more important questions since the answer drives home the basics of online dating “Would you move to be closer to someone you’ve clicked with’ online” Mr. Lee explained. “Any type of dating has a distance factor and if you know when you start out with online dating that the odds are 50/50 that the person you meet would change their life and move closer to be with you, with another 40% open to the idea of moving, well, that makes online dating not only that much more accessible but successful too.”Quick polls are open to all visitors to and encompass a wide variety of subjects. Although they are not scientifically based “they do offer a fun component to online activity” said Mr.

Lee.Complete results to the beginning of April 2005 are: (1) Yes 49% (2) No 11% (3) Maybe 40% This question and previous Quick Polls are available at aLoveLinksPlus.comLaunched March 1999, The Choosiest Dating Service Directory’ includes reviews of online dating services and relationship and dating advice articles.Related Links

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Should We Stay Together?
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Romeo and Juliet–Together (And Alive!) at Last
by: Avi
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‘Speed dating’ bringing small biz, large corporations together.(Small Business) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal
by: Lynn Lofton
publisher: Thomson Gale, released: 06 September, 2005
price: $5.95 (new)
Getting Together
by: Eric Weber
publisher: Symphony Press, released: July, 1982
price: $0.65 (used)
Create a Date: 52 Romantic, Sexy, and Fun Things to Do Together
by: Courtney Cooke
publisher: Meadowbrook Press, released: February, 2002
Dating (Her A Being together book)
by: Jean Coryllel Lipke
publisher: Lerner Publications Co, released: 1971
price: $0.75 (used)
Chicks With Sticks: Knit Two Together
by: Elizabeth Lenhard
publisher: Dutton Juvenile, released: 19 October, 2006
price: $16.99 (new)
Making it together: Dates before and after marriage
by: George L Bell
publisher: C.S.S. Pub. Co, released: 1974
Unpublished documents on the history of the Seychelles islands anterior to 1810, together with a cartography enumerating 94 ancient maps and plans dating … of books and mss. concerning these islands
by: A. A Fauvel
publisher: Govt. prtg. Off, released: 1909