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Turning the Tables on Online Dating

Turning the Tables on Online Dating

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:TURNING THE TABLES ON ONLINE DATINGOne Single Man’s Search for Love Leads Him to Completely Re-invent the Online Dating ProgramWASHINGTON, DC (ContentDesk) October 24, 2003 — According to the 2000 census, 45% (100.7 million) of all Americans are single (non-married). If the popularity of online dating sites is any indication (50 million active subscribers – over 50% of eligable singles), one thing is for ceratin: there are a whole lot of single people out there looking for something. But what are they really looking for? Can single people still find dates anymore, on the internet, or anywhere at all? Can one really find true love, if anything at all, in this evolving sea of anonymous email addresses and unlisted numbers? And how successful are these “new” online forums for the millions of single Americans searching for someone out there? One man has set out to discover those answers.After years of trying to find a date using traditional methods, and months of fruitless searches using the available online dating services, one man was so fed up with the ineptitude of these services, and his lack of femminine companionship, that he has created an entire website community dedicated to the singular purpose of finding himself a date.”I realized that after 24 years of being single, I had to be cursed. I found absolutely no success whatsoever through any methods of finding a date. With the advent of the Internet, and the new online dating forums, I was hoping to find someone out there who was immune to the curse.” says the founder of Imdateless.Com “Traditionally, people seem to be literally scared of me, and of the few dates I ‘almost’ had, all of them ended in some form of tragedy.

Couple this with the fact that the online forums never really allowed me to fully express myself, you can begin to see the dilemma in my situation. I would walk into any social situation (i.e. a bar, a club, a classroom) and the females would seemingly dissipate into thin air. After sending literally hundreds of thousands of emails through these online dating services, to hundeds of thousands of different women without receiving single response, I realized that this just isn’t working – that I have got to be cursed.””Even though 47% of the female population is single (non-married), I was unable to find even one person to give me the time of day, let alone go out with me.” “Therefore, I founded, financed, and created an entire website community dedicated to one purpose: to break my curse which has left me dateless for the past 24 years.” “Now that I have this web site up and running, I am hoping to finally be introduced to the plethora of eligible bachelorettes (54 million according to the latest census data), and hoping to finally break the curse. Sure, it may be a little extreme, but when one is fighting an ancient curse, one tends to be a little ‘irrational’.

Seeing that I am not content with being ‘single and still looking’ for the rest of my life, I went out on a limb and did this. I need to find someone I can relate to while I am still young and vivacious, before I transform into old and wrinkly miser.””If for nothing else, it will serve as my sounding board, and allow me to expose my creativity, imagination, and literary talents to the world. I am a writer at heart, and all good writers need readers. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find a job as a syndicated columnist once my site gets discovered.” says the founder of Imdateless.Com “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to realize that sometimes life and the things it throws you are just too complicated, or too convoluted to rationalize, sometimes it pays to take a step back from our daily lives and live life on the edge.” quoting one review.”Living on the edge is just what this up-and-coming artist has done, in his new, made for web Internet book. In it, he journals the trials and tribulations he faced growing up as a child in the dark and steamy side of white Middle America.””Part autobiographical rhetoric, part personal narrative, and part philosophical fantasy he takes his readers on a wild ride through the halls of the elementary school to the whorehouses in Amsterdam.””This social commentary on the state of the union, as told from the common American, sheds new light on life in contemporary America, and the struggles all single folks are facing in their search for the everlasting date-stopper.

The online journal is available free of charge on his newly re-designed website that can be found at http://www.imdateless.com.” taken from one review of the site. Singles looking for love or those with time and talent to spare are invited to share in one man’s journey as he navigates the single scene in search of love. Read about his adventures, participate in a user driven forum, or just learn what not to do in the search for a date. It truly is “the most unique site on the internet for your date, dating, and dateless needs.”For additional information, contact the author through his web site: http://www.imdateless.comAbout Imdateless.ComImdateless.Com was founded with one purpose in mind, and that was to find its founder a date. Its companion website serves as the mecca of information where you can find updated stories and events as the author scours the countryside for dates and maybe even love.CONTACT INFORMATION:Imdateless.Comhttp://www.imdateless.com.

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by: Judy Silverstein, Michael Lasky
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Romancing The Web: A Therapist’s Guide To The Finer Points Of Online Dating
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Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success
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With the acquisition during the 2001-2 academic year of eight important imprints dating from 1538 to 1568. (Notes for Notes).(Walter F. and Alice Gorham … Article) : An article from: Notes
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